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Bestselling Lunches: GoPicnic's Month-o-Lunch

We’re here to make your life easier + tastier, with our new Month of Lunch variety packs. 24 assorted meals, for a special value price – that’s enough for lunch every weekday for a month, plus a couple of spares to share with a friend or to fuel a road trip! We threw in a handy reusable GoPicnic tote bag to take your lunch along to work, school, or the beach…

This GoPicnic Month of Lunches includes 
6 Hummus & Crackers meals, 6 Almond Butter & Crackers, Beef, Cheese & Pita Chips meals6 Salami & Cheese mealsand a convenient reusable GoPicnic Tote Bag to carry it all in! 

Sorry, no substitutions to the Month of Lunch packs but you can buy any individual meals or cases from our whole line here!

Includes these Great Foods!

Click on any of the components above for specific allergen and nutrition information.

Regular Price: $124.75 each
On Sale for Only $124.75
Every Bestselling Lunches Meal Includes these Delicious Foods!
6 | Salami & Cheese meals
Get ready for hardwood-smoked beef salami slices, creamy Asiago cheese spread, crunchy olive oil & sea salt cracker, Cashew Medley fruit & nut mix (with yogurt chips!), and chocolate pillows for dessert.

410 calories
2g fiber
11g protein

6 | Beef Cheese & Pita Chips meals
Get ready for a hearty beef sausage stick, creamy classic herb cheese spread, crunchy multigrain pita chips, cashew medley fruit & nut mix (with greek yogurt chips!), and a chewy vanilla rice crisp bar for dessert!

360 calories
2g fiber
10g protein

6 | Almond Butter & Crackers meals
Get ready for creamy almond butter, crunchy multigrain crackers, a tutti-fruit-i fruit & seed blend, an organic strawberry flexible fruit strip, & a vanilla chewy rice crisp bar for dessert!

410 calories
5g fiber
8g protein

6 | Hummus & Crackers meals
Get ready for creamy hummus, crunchy multi-seed crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a chewy chocolate rice crisp bar for dessert!

380 calories
7g fiber
19g protein

For complete Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, and Allergen Details, please scroll down to bottom of page.

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Item Number: MOFL-BSL-422


Box Size:

Weight: 12 lb

Allergen Details

Please check the individual items and meals in this variety pack to read the ingredients and allergen information.