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Professor Zim Zam's Extraordinary Sweets Chocolate Pillows (Pack of 50): (50 - .7 oz. packages)

Using his greatest invention, a time-travelling, globe-spanning portal, Professor Zim Zam has dedicated himself to collecting the most delectable all-natural ingredients from around the world. With these he concocts the tastiest of morsels - his eponymous Extraordinary Sweets! You hold in your hands the result of Zim Zam's tireless quests in foreign lands and in times both distant & future - confection perfection!

Check out our GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Salami & Cheese meal: each features Professor Zim Zam's Chocolate Pillows plus four other food items in a nutritionally balanced ready-to-eat meal. Professor Zim Zam's Extraordinary Sweets is a GoPicnic Brands family brand. 

50 individually portioned snack packs, 0.75 ounce each. 100 calories per pack.

100 Calories • 1g Protein • <1g Fiber

Only $39.95 Each!

For Ingredients and Allergen Details, please scroll down to bottom of page.

Shelf Life Details

All regular priced items have a minimum shelf life of 30 days upon receipt. Products that are reduced in price generally have a shorter shelf life but are guaranteed to arrive within their printed shelf-life.

wheat flour, cane sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, milk powder, lecithin, salt, natural vanilla flavor, caramel


Contains: wheat, milk, soy

Manufactured in a facility that may process products that contain wheat, milk, egg, soy, peanut and tree nut ingredients.