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We’re here to make your life easier + tastier, with our new Month-o-Lunch variety packs. 24 assorted meals, for a special value price – that’s enough for lunch every weekday for a month, plus a couple of spares to share with a friend or to fuel a road trip! We threw in a handy reusable GoPicnic tote bag to take your lunch along to work, school, or the beach. Celebrate the end of August with $69 Month-o-Lunch! Use coupon code AUGMOL to redeem! Offer does not extend to Groupon, excludes subscriptions and cannot be combined with other offers.

A super easy, convenient and tasty way to liven up that bagged lunch, or keep tasty fuel close at hand in your laptop/gymbag/purse/backpack, wherever you want to have a convenient snack at the ready! Select from multiple assortments of 100 tasty GoPicnic family brands portion packs at a special value price.
All GoPicnic Meal Subscriptions
Enjoy a 6-pack of our best-selling meals delivered right to your door... automatically! Choose your favorite meals, the quantity, how often you want them delivered, and you're on your way to the quickest, easiest meal plan ever. 

**Please note that meal subscriptions are not valid for Groupons**