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Suitable for School: GoPicnic's Month-o-Lunch

We’re here to make your life easier and tastier, with our new Month of Lunch variety packs. 24 assorted meals, for a special value price – that’s enough for lunch every weekday for a month, plus a couple of spares to share with a friend or to fuel a road trip! We threw in a handy reusable GoPicnic tote bag to take your lunch along to work, school, or the beach…

This GoPicnic Month-o-Lunch includes 6 Sunbutter & Crackers meals, 12 Turkey Slices & Cheddar meals, 6 Turkey Stick & Crunch meals, and a convenient reusable GoPicnic Tote Bag to carry it all in!

Sorry, no substitutions to the Month-o-Lunch packs but you can buy any individual meals or cases from our whole line here!

Don’t Go Hangry™.


*Hangry™ {hang-gree}: adj. A grouchy feeling easily and deliciously avoided with GoPicnic®.

Includes these Great Foods!

Click on any of the components above for specific allergen and nutrition information.

Only $124.75
Every Suitable for School Meal Includes these Delicious Foods!
6 | Sunbutter & Crackers Meals
Get ready for creamy sunbutter, crunchy multi-grain crackers, Mounain Mambo seed & fruit trail mix, a sweet & tangy tropical 100% fruit bar, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

6 | Turkey Stick & Crunch Meals
Get ready for a hardwood-smoked turkey snack stick, crunchy barbeque Popchips, a yummy dried fruit and seed medley, a sweet & tangy tropical 100% fruit bar, and a chewy chocolate rice crisp bar for dessert!

12 | Turkey Slices & Cheddar Meals
Get ready for hardwood-smoked turkey slices, creamy white cheddar gourmet cheese spread, crunchy honey wheat crackers, unsweetened applesauce, and fruit-flavored Jelly Jets gummy airplanes for dessert!

For complete Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, and Allergen Details, please scroll down to bottom of page.

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Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, and Allergen Details


Item Number: MOFL-SFS-412 Gen 4.1

UPC: 810662020557

Box Size:

Weight: 12 lb

Allergen Details

Please check the individual items and meals in this variety pack to read the ingredients and allergen information.